What happens if you combine action and puzzle, a completely new way to play and 48 hours? A game that has only one hue and you can change how light or dark you are!

A game made for GMTK gamejam with the theme: only one.

All music and sounds was made for the jam specificly, even though you didnt have to I chose to do it because that was MY challange to myself. I wanted to make more music and work on sounddesign!

Also if you are really good at hearing, you might be able to hear that all the sound effects are in tune with the songs!!!

The postjam update adds even more replayability to the already excisting levels with one more ending and a bit of different fixes.


Controls: They are changable in game


Install instructions

Open the zip with winrar or alike and start Hue.exe


Hue.zip 29 MB
HuePostJam.zip 30 MB

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